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Master Mohammad Mehdi Rahnama

Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Rahnama is BSC in Sport and Exercise Science and MSC in Sport Psychology a 7th dan Taekwonko master. He has achieved many scores in national and international competitions. Master has also refereed many British students to international competitions.

He practices technical teaching skills and is regularly training groups of students. Private Training is also available after consultation. His main teaching skills revolve around the teaching of self defense, fighting in competitions, referee rules and fitness.

His Student teams enroll in competitions every three months, and aim to progress to new belts as soon as is pragmatic. Master Mehdi Rahnama will welcome you to join the Original Taekwondo Club.




OrganisationWe work with many taekwondo bodies

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Lessons and trainingsWhat we can offer to our students.

Our classes are held in groups but because of time limit we are unable to do one to one training. With this class set up its best to work as a unit and train together.

Our style of Taekwondo training incorporates principles, self defense, sparring, patterns, fitness, breaking, theory and fighting in competitions. Join us today for the experience of a lifetime.

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