About us

Original Taekwondo is now a well-established Academy throughout London area and Dr Nurdeen Nadiadi is Chairman of Original Club. We have a large membership of white belts to black belts aged from 3 to 60, and we welcome everyone of any age.  We have an open door policy and encourage children and women, beginners and advanced students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Original Taekwondo have a long record of technical excellence and competitive success, a pattern we are trying to emulate. We focus on all aspects of Taekwondo including self-defence, strength of character, flexibility and general fitness.

Original Club with 20 years experience since 1996 teaching in London has achieved to London championship in 2004 and also has given 120 black belts ( Dan 1,2,3,4,5) to students plus Original club has got 8 British Champions; Mohsen Amiri Fard, Mahdi Masoumi, Aria Seyedi, Atousa Faraji, Ali Nazar, Maryam Salib, Elizabella Ceceista and Saleem Haroon.

Our mission

At Original Taekwondo we firmly believe that every new student that walks through our doors has the potential to gain their black belt. It is only down to the student to believe it too. Learning any martial art is very often a life changing experience. Take some time to think back in your life to a moment no matter how small when you had kicked yourself afterwards wishing you had the confidence to do X,Y or Z.

Well, while we can’t change the past, we can have a damn good try at improving our future. Taekwondo will improve your self-confidence, and you will find and sometimes without even noticing that your fitness, body shape, postures and general well being will also take on a more positive vibe.  

Regardless of age, we know your first class can be a little bewildering, but don't worry, we've all been there. We'll give you a free suit once you've signed up so you won’t feel like you stick out. All you need to have with you when you start is a bottle of water, and a high level of enthusiasm. That's it! That's all you need!


OrganisationWe work with many taekwondo bodies

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Lessons and trainingsWhat we can offer to our students.

Our classes are held in groups but because of time limit we are unable to do one to one training. With this class set up its best to work as a unit and train together.

Our style of Taekwondo training incorporates principles, self defense, sparring, patterns, fitness, breaking, theory and fighting in competitions. Join us today for the experience of a lifetime.

Contact Us If you have any question please get in touch!

Original taekwondo Club
Edward Woods Community Centre,
60-70 Norland Road,,
London W11 4TX

Phone:078 8205 4476
E-mail: info@originaltkd.co.uk